1. Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection shirts feature exclusive fabrics and several hand stitched elements.

    The Collar. Luigi Borrelli only trust the best embroideresses to hand stitch the collar.

    The Armholes. A high and round hand stitched armhole make movement easier and the shirt more comfortable to wear. 

    The Yoke. The fitting comfort of the shirt depends on the fitting of the shoulders. The yoke is hand stitched for a comfortable fit.

    The Gusset. The triangle on the bottom of the shirt connecting the front and back. The gusset is hand stitched to be more resistant.

    The Sleeve Gauntlet. This is the tab that closes the sleeve vent. This makes the Borrelli shirt unique as this is also hand stitched.

    The Buttonholes. The Luigi Borrelli shirts’ buttonholes are hand stitched to make them resistant and flexible

    The Buttons. The Neapolitan three point stitch “hen foot” is used to show Borrelli’s sartorial heritage, it looks beautiful and is functional.

    The Cannoncinco. The bottom part of the front placket is entirely hand stitched, which makes ironing easier.

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