1. Canali Kei Jacket, Luigi Borrelli tie, Isaia pocket square, Santoni dark blue cap-toes.


  3. Canali.

    (Source: laragosta)

  4. Squares. 

  5. Isaia Napoli and Drake’s London.

  6. Isaia Napoli jacket, Luigi Borrelli shirt, Drake’s London tie.

  7. Isaia Napoli now in store.

  8. The red coral.

    Ancient mythology holds that the rare Mediterranean red coral was born from the story of Perseus and Medusa.  Legend has it that the brave Perseus rose to the occasion of slaying the Gorgon Medusa and delivered her head as a wedding gift to the King of Seriphos, who was to wed his mother.  During his travels home, Perseus fell in love with the beautiful Andromeda, who he saw chained to a seaside rock, soon to be eaten by the evil sea-monster, Cetus.  To prove his love and save her life, Perseus killed the terrible beast.  As he sat on the bank of the water to wash his hands, Perseus laid down the sack with Medusa’s head next to him. The blood of her slain head dripped into the water and instantly transformed into what we know as Mediterranean red coral‚ forever a sign of good luck.”

  9. Beautiful hemp/wool fabric, Isaia Napoli.

  10. Isaia Napoli blazer, Luigi Borrelli shirt, Petronius tie.

  11. Isaia Napoli. 

  12. Luigi Borrelli tie.

  13. Coral camo collar, Isaia Napoli.

  14. Isaia Napoli.

  15. Pattern.